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GB-767455-A: Synthetic esters useful as lubricants patent, GB-767617-A: Improvements relating to the formation of acid-resistant cementitious products patent, GB-768276-A: Improvements in or relating to magnesium-base alloys patent, GB-768945-A: Process for the manufacture of terephthalic acid patent, GB-769198-A: Improvements in sound recording and reproducing machines, more particularly those inwhich a spool of tape is the recording medium patent, GB-769245-A: Current transformer patent, GB-769434-A: Improved method for casting single-flight stairs and stairs produced thereby patent, GB-770389-A: A method of preventing depositions of pitch from sulphite pulp patent, GB-770777-A: Improvements relating to electrical pulse generating circuit arrangements patent, GB-771542-A: Improvements relating to the electrical production of printing surfaces patent, GB-771758-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of ice cream patent, GB-772613-A: Improvements relating to the preparation of blended fibrous materials patent, GB-773355-A: Improvements relating to oil filters patent, GB-773602-A: Improvements in and relating to case seals patent, GB-773982-A: An improved proximity switch patent, GB-774289-A: Improvements in or relating to double-acting engine piston and cylinder assemblies patent, GB-774325-A: Improvements in filler bodies for carrying out reactions of gases with solids in fluidized beds patent, GB-774868-A: Improvements in or relating to water-dispersible copolymeric resinous materials patent, GB-775040-A: Anchor bolt patent, GB-775108-A: Improvements relating to the firing of ceramic ware by intermittent ovens patent, GB-775441-A: A pressure-resisting hull for deep immersion patent, GB-776574-A: An improved electric switch especially suitable for mounting in a thin wall patent, GB-777310-A: Apparatus for viewing transparencies, for example, photographic negatives and still colour photographs patent, GB-777637-A: Gulley for ground drainage patent, GB-778517-A: Nail file patent, GB-780110-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical control systems for machine tools patent, GB-780825-A: Klystron patent, GB-781304-A: Improvements relating to trailer vehicles patent, GB-781366-A: Motor vehicle body with a spare wheel compartment patent, GB-781782-A: Improved machine for coil winding patent, GB-782234-A: Gear box for wire fabric making machine patent, GB-784112-A: Hollow metal structure patent, GB-785511-A: Improvements in or relating to control mechanism for reversing gears patent, GB-785864-A: Wedge actuated brake patent, GB-786349-A: Novel unsaturated alcohols and a process for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-786739-A: Complex esters patent, GB-786929-A: Improvements relating to quaternary ammonium salts of thiazole monazo dyestuffs patent, GB-786994-A: Electric incandescent lamp patent, GB-787435-A: An angularly flexible axial coupling between the neck of a roll and the boss patent, GB-787653-A: Improvements in and relating to direction finding aerials patent, GB-788146-A: Improvements in rotary regenerative heat exchangers patent, GB-788177-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical switch contacts patent, GB-788637-A: Retrievable double holding subsurface well tool patent, GB-789255-A: An adjustable reclining chair patent, GB-789490-A: Improvements in or relating to hose reel mountings patent, GB-789536-A: Spindle for use in a magazine phonograph patent, GB-790072-A: Automatic lap doffing mechanisms for textile lap-winding machines patent, GB-790098-A: Improvements in method of making microporous material patent, GB-790354-A: Improvements in universal joints patent, GB-790664-A: Improvements in or relating to means for attaching cutter picks to their supports patent, GB-791574-A: Improvements relating to greenhouses, cold frames, cloches and the like patent, GB-791577-A: Improvements in accumulating apparatus for flexible continuous webs patent, GB-792745-A: Electrical musical instruments patent, GB-793165-A: Improvements in adjustable correcting networks patent, GB-793872-A: Submarine vessels patent, GB-794406-A: Production of microorganism-resistant paper patent, GB-794885-A: Process for the production of aromatic hydroxy aldehydes patent, GB-795158-A: Improvements in the production of large shaped articles from thermoplastic plastics by injection pressing patent, GB-795277-A: Improvements in and relating to a method for attaching lugs to panels patent, GB-795609-A: Process for the manufacture of resins patent, GB-796751-A: Improvements in or relating to jewellery for personal wear patent, GB-796985-A: Improvements in or relating to melting-point and like apparatus patent, GB-797500-A: Flexible hose patent, GB-797599-A: Electrical connector, particularly for the pins of a valve patent, GB-797651-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for making a coffee beverage patent, GB-798066-A: Improvements in or relating to skin detergents patent, GB-798331-A: A process for obtaining sulphur from gases or vapours containing hydrogen sulphide patent, GB-798979-A: Flare stack gas burner patent, GB-799746-A: Improvements relating to gantries for accouchement and gynaecological purposes patent, GB-799870-A: Improvements in apparatus for separating charged particles patent, GB-799877-A: Process for forming a resistor track for a potentiometer patent, GB-800145-A: Metallisable monoazo dyestuffs of the benzene-azo-8-hydroxyquinoline series patent, GB-800220-A: O-(3,4-dichlorophenyl) n,n-dialkyl phosphorodiamidothioates patent, GB-800548-A: Improvements in and relating to convergent-divergent turbine nozzles with a quadrilateral-shaped outlet orifice, and method for their manufacture patent, GB-801061-A: Water closet or like sanitary installation patent, GB-801734-A: Carbonylation synthesis reaction patent, GB-801818-A: A device for feeding and discharging sheets and the like respectively into and from asheet working machine patent, GB-802253-A: Improvements in tire bead construction patent, GB-802659-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus adapted for use in assembling electrical components upon workpieces patent, GB-802824-A: Hydraulic transmission patent, GB-803456-A: Improvements in or relating to a platen press patent, GB-803679-A: Improvements in or relating to a drive mechanism for cylinder printing machines patent, GB-803933-A: Tubular elements for heat exchange apparatus patent, GB-804850-A: Improvements in or relating to homing arrangements patent, GB-805009-A: Improvements in methods and apparatus for burning solid fuel patent, GB-806139-A: Improvements in or relating to umbrella frames having telescoping stem members patent, GB-806305-A: Improvements in transducing devices patent, GB-807002-A: Improvements in or relating to cage nuts patent, GB-807314-A: Improvements in or relating to transport containers patent, GB-807350-A: Improvements in or relating to electrically heated mattresses and the like patent, GB-808125-A: An actuating mechanism for electric circuit breakers patent, GB-808426-A: Improvements in the manufacture of artificial flowers and the like patent, GB-808817-A: Differential gears patent, GB-808908-A: Linear polyamide compositions patent, GB-810107-A: Improvements in or relating to method and apparatus for wiping conduit sections patent, GB-810235-A: Improvements in printing plates for series printing machines patent, GB-810259-A: Polyvinyl oxo-alkanals patent, GB-811463-A: Power steering device patent, GB-811508-A: Improvements in or relating to gaseous fuel burners patent, GB-811652-A: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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